A digital marketplace for healthcare

In an industry that lacks transparent, we bring clarity to healthcare pricing. The price you see is the price you pay.

Smart healthcare

Our current healthcare environment is heavily regulated with no clarity of cost until after the fact. It takes weeks after an appointment to learn the true cost with insurance only subsidizing a fraction of the charges. We are introducing the health service of the future. No more guessing.

Shoppable healthcare

See service pricing before you make an appointment. Compare prices, and customers reviews, before making the decision that is right for you.

Customer centered care

Recieve appointments, prescriptions, reminders all from your phone. Life changes fast, so manage all your healthcare from one mobile app.

Healthcare providers

hello health allows healthcare professionals to focus on patients while we take care of the rest. Allow your patients to schedule appointments, receive updates, and easily communicate with you throughout their care.

Same day payment

Create predictable cash flows with a cash price option for your patients. Get paid same day without having to wait on insurance claims.

Your business, your plan

Attract and retain patients through our app. We give you the tools to maximize your reach while we maintain your digital storefront.

We have just started our journey

We are in the research and development phase, hard at work to get hello health in front of you in 2019. We are passionate about our vision, and excited to shape healthcare service of the future. Send us your email to connect wit us, and take this journey with us!

Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Users

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